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DWDM 3 Ports 100G DWDM Devices

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1×2 100G DWDM device is based on the thin film filter technology, which can let two
or more different optical wavelength transmit respective signal in one optical fiber,
or separate the multiplex signals, the central wavelength space is 100GHz.

  • High Channel Isolation, olw Insertion Loss
  • Epoxy -free on Optical Path
  • High Stability and reliability
  • Material meet RoHS
  • Meet GR 1209,GR 1221 requirement


Parameter Min Typical Max
Working Wavelength Range(nm) 1500~1570
Channel Wavelength (nm) ITU Standard
Passband W idth(nm) ±0.25
Channel Spacing(nm) 100G
Pass Channel Insertion Loss (dB ) 0.8
Reflection Channel Loss (dB) 0.4
Ripple(dB) 0.3
Adjacent Pass Channel Isolation(dB) 30
Non -adjacent Pass Channel Isolation(dB) 45
Isolation of Pass Channel @ Reflection Por(tdB) 15
Directivity(dB ) 45
Return Loss(dB) 45
Polarization Dependent Loss (dB) 0.1
Polarization Mode Dispersion(ps) 0.1
Maximum Optical Power (mW) 300
Operating Temperature Range (℃) -5~+70
Storage Temperature Range (℃) -40~85
Optical fiber type Corning SMF 28e + or equal(customized )
Optical fiber length(m ) ≥1.0(customized)

Package dimension (mm)

Allg lass for bare fibe rtype Ø4.0×26 Steel tube for loose tube type Ø5.5×39



(DWDM) 3 Ports 100G DWDM Devices

(DWDM) 3 Ports 100G DWDM Devices