Profiber is a leading global supplier of communications and security products, electrical and electronic wire and cable, fasteners and other small components. We help our customers specify solutions and make informed purchasing decisions around technology, applications and relevant standards. Throughout the world, we provide innovative supply chain management solutions to reduce our customers’ total cost of production and implementation.
Data center design and cabling infrastructure architecture has evolved over the years as needs and technologies change. In the past, the data center manager relied on experience as well as solutions that previously worked and did not work. Planning today’s data center, however, requires a more rigorous approach due to the faster pace at which the data center is changing,and profiber make it to possible.
Balance of data center cabling system Both copper and fiber to cost effectively meet today’s needs and support the high-bandwidth applications of the future. Rapidly evolving applications and technologies are drastically increasing the speed and volume of traffic on data center networks. Profiber ensuring that a cabling solution is designed to accommodate the higher transmission rates associated with these evolving bandwidth intensive applications is critical.
Data center deployment project is having a distribution network that profiber can leverage for product inventory and coordinating deliveries with installation resources. Data centers require materials from multiple manufacturers to arrive at the right place, at the right time, to be installed on-time and within budget. Profiber takes fundamental distribution a step further by applying “best practices” of supply chain principles to the industry and the reality we face every day with technology deployments.
Material management matters. To improve on-timecompletion of the project, it is important to have an effective material management strategy. Putting a supply chain partner profiber in the middle allows you to effectively manage the materials for one or multiple projects and scale to meet demand. A supply chain partner profiber enables you to focus on your core competency.

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