Profiber company there are many end-user service offerings. Each of these is a network in its own rite (including and especially the telecom network). Each of these networks needs link connections of various speeds connecting nodes (central offices) at arbitrary points around the country. However the profiber company wants to manage and share its fiber optic cable plant as a single entity.
Function and Type
Profiber fibre optic patch cables are ideal for patchcords and pigtails which are utilised in equipment rooms, data cabinets and at user outlets. Profiber fibre optic patchcables meet the demands posed by the equipment cabinet environment. We offer connectivity ready cables to achieve maximum fibre density with the latest specification optical fibres and fire hazard resistance.
ADSS fiber service
The parameters covering aerial cables and their accessories are quite complex, involving issues such as length of span, temperature range, wind speed tolerance and other factors. Every project is likely to have differing demands. Aerial Cable, Direct Burial And Duct Fibre Optic Cable. An extensive range of cables and accessories that profiber provide a comprehensive telecomms cabling solution. The aerial and terrestrial cables are the products of profiber extensive design experience, aerial analysis capabilities and optical fibre expertise
Cable Preparation Tools
To complement the range of fibre optic and copper cables, Profiber is pleased to offer a comprehensive and practical range of tools for cutting, stripping, crimping, cleaving and terminating fibre optic and copper cables. Our profiber range of copper and fibre installation tools and test equipment offers the networking installer an unrivalled choice. We also recommend you look no further for fibre cleaning and polishing requirements as profiber has the answer
Fiber optic Application
Fiber optics is used in myriad applications. Due to its low weight, high bandwidth capacity and immunity to electromagnetic and RF interference, fiber optics is used extensively in avionics on both military and commercial aircraft systems. Applications include radar links, video systems, sensor networks, and in-flight entertainment systems. Fiber optics is also used for command, control, and telemetry in industrial applications wherever there are large electric motors. These motors generate large electromagnetic fields. Instead of using heavily shielded copper conductors, manufacturers profiber use fiber optics to eliminate electromagnetic interference concerns.

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