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HD Fiber Module Enclosure

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The HD enclosure is a modular, pre-terminated distribution platform designed to increase port density, improve connector access and efficiently utilize valuable rack space in data centers. Basic configuration will be 1U/96 fibers, 2U/192 fibers, 3U/288 fibers for all network topologies including 10G, 40G and 100G deployments utilizing high performance 8-fiber, 12-fiber and 24 fiber MPO technology.

The HD enclosure facilitates installable modules that allows multiple fiber connections to be quickly and efficiently installed and maintained, while supporting regular moves, adds and changes.

  • Available in 1U, 2U and 3U height
  • Efficient rack utilization
  • Fast installationofmodules
  • Easymigrationto 40G, 100G and beyond
  • Future-proofed withsuper low-loss connectivity
  • Robust andsecure steel construction
  • Transparent front door for visibility that allowsmonitoring and troubleshooting with enclosure closed


Mechanical Data Value
Dimensions (WxDxH) 482.6mm (19”) x 350mm (13.78”) x 1U/2U/3U
Weight 1U (4kg), 2U (6kg) and 3U (10kg)
Material Cold rolled steel + Aluminum (Powder coated), Plastic ABS
Enclosure Height 1U (44.45mm), 2U (88mm) and 3U (177.8mm)
Color Black
Capacity 4x modules per 1U (Type A and B)

8x modules per 2U (Type A and B)

12 x modules per 3U (Type A )

12 x modules per 3U (Type B)

Density 1U96F, 2U192F, 3U288F
Mounting Type 465mm (19”)

HD, Fiber Module Enclosure

HD, Fiber Module Enclosure