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HD MPO LC Fiber Cassette

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MPO to LC cassette allow users to convert Base-8 Base-12 or Base-24 MPO trunk cables to Base-2 LC-DX adaptors to match the transceivers of nearby switches and servers. The MPO connection at the rear of the cassette provides a high degree of flexibility. The front of adapter can choose LC-DX or SC-SX type.

The cassette are available with low-loss or standard-loss performance depending on the application and distance.


  • StandardLC / SC / MPO adapters
  • Low loss performance
  • Available in Base-8, Base-12 or Base-24 configurations
  • Clear port identification and traceability
  • Facilitates easy upgrade to 40G
  • Compatible withHD enclosure 1U, 2U
Mechanical Data Value
Dimensions (WxDxH) Type A: 26mm (1.02”) x 93mm (3.66”) x 133.5mm (5.25”) Type B: 22mm (0.87”) x 93mm (3.66”) x 133.5mm (5.25”)
Weight 0.185 kg
Material / Colour Aluminum (Powder coated), Plastic ABS+PC/Black
Adapter Type Front LC-DX/SC-SX adaptor
Adapter Quantity Front 4 (Base-8), 6 (Base-12),12 (Base-24)
Adapter Colour Front Blue, Green (APC), Aqua, Violet


Optical Data Value
Fiber Mode OS1/OS2/G657-9/125 bend insensitive (A.1 or A.2) or OM1/2/3/4/5
Test Wavelength 1310nm/1550nm (Singlemode), 850nm/1300nm (Multimode)
(Insertion LossMTP/MPO) Low Singlemode≤0.35dB, Multimode≤0.35dB
Standard Singlemode≤0.50dB, Multimode≤0.50dB
(Insertion LossLC) Low Singlemode≤0.15dB, Multimode≤0.15dB
Standard Singlemode≤0.30dB, Multimode≤0.30dB
Return Loss Multimode UPC≥25dBSinglemode UPC≥55dB APC≥65dB


HD, MPO-LC Fiber Cassette

HD, MPO-LC Fiber Cassette