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Multi-core Break-out Cable GJBFJV H

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(GJBFJV) Indoor multi-core break-out fiber optic cable, the tight buffer fiber is
placed on the surface with a layer of aramid yarn as strength member units,
multi fibers as the subunit twist with FRP(and some cushions) into the circle,
and finally into fiber optic cable with PVC or LSZH sheath,with dry-type warpping
tape between fiber and sheath.

  • Each sub cable contains aramid yarn, good bend performance, without gel, cleaning friendly, easy construction and connection
  • Tight buffer fiber with single strength member and sheath to overcome the effect from bad environment and mechanical stress
  • LSZH sheath, anti-retardant, self-extinguishing, suitable for machine room, cable shaft and used in indoor environment such as wiring inside the wall
  • LSZH sheath, UV, waterproof mildew, ESCR, no acid gas release, non-corrosive room equipment, suitable for indoor and outdoor use or need a high flame-retardant grades ofthe indoor environment (such as wiring in the ceiling, open wire cabling etc.)

Multi-core Break-out Cable GJBFJV(H)

Multi-core Break-out Cable GJBFJV(H)