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PM Pigtail

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In actual optical transmission, the polarization mode of light in ordinary optical fibers is unstable because the
external stress of the optical fiber varies with the environment and temperature. However, if a high birefringence
effect is introduced into the fiber to resist the interference of external stress changes, the polarization mode of the
transmitted light in the fiber can be maintained. Polarization-maintaining fiber is based on this principle to maintain the stable transmission state of polarized light. Generally speaking, polarization-maintaining fiber optic
pigtail will adopt polarization state matching with fast axis, slow axis or some adjustable alignment.


Low insertion loss                                                              Communication technology

High extinction ratio                                                         Aerospace engineering

Compliance to GR-326                                                      Precise industrial manufacture

dsfssdgdsgss                                                                     Precise optic measurement


Parameter unit Specification
Test Wavelength nm 1310,1550
IL dB ≤0.30
RL dB ≥50
ER dB ≥20

PM Pigtail

PM Pigtail