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ST Male-Female Attenuator

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The male-female attenuator is connected to a fiber optic connector at one end and
a fiber optic adapter at the other end. Its attenuation is fixed,unadjustable.this range
of fixed attenuator is mainly used to reduce optical power to target value in optical
links. the attenuation value is in range of 0 to 30dB, which are all applicable for optical
signal with wavelength ranging from 1250nm to 1600nm.

  • Excellent Changeability and Directivity
  • 100% optic test(Insertion Loss)
  • Accurate attenuation
  • Max operation power (0.5W)
  • Low polarization related loss
  • Individual package available
  • Standard sleeve,Various adaptor option: LC、SC、FC、ST、MU etc.


Item Parameter
Connector Type ST、SC、FC、LC、MU
Fiber Type             SM             MM
Color    Blue, Green, Metallic         Beige, Metallic, Aqua
 Testing Wavelength   1310nm, 1550nm      850nm, 1300nm
Insertion Loss 0~30dB
Return Loss  PC≥ 50dB, APC≥ 60dB PC≥ 25dB
 Attenuation Tolerance             0~5dB(±0.5dB)/5~30dB(±10% )
Power Handling  ≤200mW
Alignment Sleeve Plastic or metal
Operating Temperature Ceramic (ZrO2) or customized
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +70℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to +85℃