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Fiber Optic Simplex/Duplex Patch Cord

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Fiberopticpatch cords aresuitedfor comuicationequipment, cross connects andwork area connections.Allpatch
cords are 100% factory tested to ensure performance. LC, SC, FC, STPatch Cords are available in both multi mode
(62.5/125µm and 50/125µm) and single mode cable-types, in duplex and simplex versions.
Profiber’s patch cords provide high reliability and flexibility in different application. All patch cords can be
customized in cable length, color and connector types to suit every customer requirement with our advanced
technology and production facilities.

  • High-quality ferrules
  • Bend-insensitive fibers
  • 100% tested assemblies
  • Low insertion loss, high return loss
  • Stable optical properties
  • Good exchangeability and durability


Mechanical data Value
Connector Type  LC/SC/FC/ST
Polarity Type A to B, A to A
Cable Diameter 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm
Cable Jecket Color Yellow, Orange, Aqua, Violet  and OEM colors


Optical data Value
Fiber Mode OS1/OS2/G657-9/125 bend insensitive(A.1 or A.2) or OM1/2/3/4/5
Test Wavelength 1310nm/1550nm (Singlemode), 850nm/1300nm (Multimode)
Insertion Loss Low Loss Singlemode ≤0.10dB, Multimode ≤ 0.10dB
Standard Loss Singlemode ≤0.30dB, Multimode ≤ 0.30dB
Return Loss Singlemode UPC ≥ 55dB APC ≥ 65dB
Multimode UPC ≥ 25dB



Fiber Optic SimplexDuplex Patch Cord

Fiber Optic SimplexDuplex Patch Cord